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"Whats playing now".
KRCC's playlist in real time.
You can see what is on the air in real time or look at the archived play list. This program takes the inhouse database of playlist push the data to the web. Then a PHP program request the information and display it to the borwser. Check it out, KRCC is very happy with it.
Little Britches Rodeo
National Little Britches Rodeo Association

NLBRA has a very complex in house database which they had been using for the past five years. It was a challenge to understand the whole process of keeping scores and points for the members of the organization. The organization does not have much money to spend, but wanted a way for their members could see results online after a rodeo. We worked with the NLBRA to keep their current database and process the same and we worked it out to capture a sub set of their data, then post that to the web. Once the results are verified and entered into their database. the operator press a button and all the information is transferred to the web site for everyone to see
Seans Place UCCS
UCCS online student job finder SEANS Place
This program lets current University of Colorado at Colorado Springs students search for jobs online. This program has three sections, students, employers and administration. The student section allows students to login in a search for comunity jobs. The students must be in a certain criterua to be able to see different jobs. Employers are able to create an employer account and input or edit jobs. UCCS approves the job before it is posted to the web. The UCCS student employment office had an inhouse database that we worked with and was able to get everything to work with just a few modifications to their database.
UCCS Education PBSCT
UCCS Educations Performance Based Standards for Colorado Teachers (PBSCT)
This program tracks the progress of future Colorado teachers during their schooling. The program galso enerates reports which are then turned over to the Colorado State goverment to verify each student has passed his or her standards to be able to teach in the state of Colorado.
Colorado Springs ACCEL
This site has a special calenar prgram that keeps track of ACCEL's events and lets poeple in the community register for events. Once the event has been approved all the ACCEL members are contacted by email and requested to register if they will be attendeding the event. The site also has an administration program which lets them upated the site and database from a web browser, very conviutne for them.
Big Dog Sound
Big Dog Sound's Request Line
Big Dog Sound is a DJ company in Colorado Springs. The program tracks upcoming events and lets the paricapents request songs they would like to hear at the event. A list of all the requests are stored on the website which can be emailed or downloaded for the DJ to pull the correct CD's. The information the DJ gets is the CD and track number a the reqeust can be found on. Big Dog Sounds sends their database, an MS EXCEL spredsheet to the website when changes are made keeping the online request database up to date. If a particapant does not find a song in the database then a SPECIAL REQUEST email is send to the DJ, they can then have the song on hand when the event arrives.


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