Moore InterActive Email Help Sheets/Outlook

Setting up Microsoft Outlook to read and send your email.

Note: These instructions were developed using Microsoft Outlook 2002. Other version of Microsoft Outlook will work but some of the srceens will look a little different, but the content and functionality are the same.

Check the version of Outlook
  1. Click on "Help" from the top menu bar.
  2. Click on "About Microsoft Outlook" from the pull down menu.
Outlook Version
  1. Check to see what version.
  2. Click on Ok to close the screen.
Set up Outlook to read and send email
  1. Clcik on tools.
  2. Click on E-mail Accounts

Add a new email account
  1. Make sure "Add a new e-mail account" is selected
  2. Click on Next

Set up the email account
  1. Select POP3 for Server Type
  2. Click on Next.

Set up the POP3 email account
  1. Enter your name as you want it to appear in the email. Example: Kirk Moore
  2. Enter your email address. Example:
  3. Incoming mail server (POP3) is mail dot YOUR DOMAIN name. Example:
  4. Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is mail dot YOUR DOMAIN name. Example:
  5. User Name: your-email-address@YOUR-DOMAIN Example: This must be your email address.
  6. Your password for the account.
  7. You may want to select "Remember password" so you will not be as all the time by Outlook.
  8. Click on "More Sttings"

Set up the extras
  1. Place in the name for this account. Example:
  2. Organization: Type in your business name. Example: Moore InterActive
  3. Reply E-mail: Type your eamil address. Example:
  4. Now click on "Outgoing Server"

Outgoing Server
  1. Select "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
  2. Select "Use same stting as my incoming mail server"
  3. Click on "Ok"

Test Server connection
  • Please select "Test Settings" to make sure the POP3 and SMTP connections are working.
Testing Server connections
  • Your test window should look like the following. There should be green arows next to all the tasks. If not something is worng.
  • If you do have errors please email or give us a call at Moore InterActive (719)634-2539 or info @
    (note:The email address is info at moorei dot com


  • Click "Next" then "Ok" to get out of set up.