Moore InterActive Web Mail Help Sheets

Moore InterActive web mail is a very convenient tool for checking email while you are away from your email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, etc) or desk.
Web mail does work great but it is not an email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, etc) substitute.

The following instructions will help you navigate around web mail.
Logging into web mail for your domain
  1. The url for your web mail accounts will be mail.YOUR-DOMAIN. Example:
  2. Look to make sure YOUR-DOMAIN appears here.
  3. Username name or full email address.
  4. Password
  5. Press "Enter" to Login
  6. Special notice for AOL users You may need to check this box.

Some of the Icons
  1. This tells you who is logged into web mail
  2. This shows the number of message that will be displayed. Use the pull down box and select the number you want and click on Display.
  3. Shows the from address
  4. Shows the subject of the message
  5. Size of message.
  6. Shows time and date of message.

Changing Password
  1. Click on Settings to change password and view your email account settings.
  2. Click on Password to continue changing password.
  3. DO NOT change any of the settings in this area.

Changing Password
  1. Supply your current password
  2. Type in your new password. Passwords should be 6-8 characters minimum, not a word in the dictionary and should include numbers and capitalization. Example: good -> thisis2good better -> thIsiS2gOod best -> th!si$2goOd
  3. Retype password to confirm
  4. Click on "Modify" to change the Password.

Compose a message
  • Follow the labels on the screen to compose and send a message.

Setting a vacation message
  • Vacation message lets you send automatically a message to people sending you messages telling them you are out of the office.
  • To set the vacation message, you must check "Vacation Message" box and type in a message into the message box. Finally click on "Update" to set the vacation message.

Deleting messages
  1. First you must select which messages to delete.
  2. Then select "Mark Delete" to delete the messages you selected. This will mark the messages as deleted, but the messages are still visible.

Purge deleted messages
  1. Message that are ready to be deleted are marked for deletion.
  2. Click on "Purge Delete" to finish the deletion.